Due to an unparalleled commitment to customer service, many satisfied clients have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews. Below are just some of the many letters I have received:

If you would be interested in receiving a variety of letters of recommendation please e-mail that request today so they can be sent over. Thanks again and if you have any other requests for information regarding buying or selling be sure to visit the request information section.

1.  Thank you for your expertise and aid in buying our home.  We appreciate your patience while working with us, as we were new at the home buying process.  Although the seller's realtor was somewhat "difficult" to work with, you made the process tolerable and we thank you for that.  It was wonderful to work with someone as professional and with as much experience as you.  You seemed to know what the buyer would say/do before it happened, relieving us of any more headache

We look forward to working with you again with our future real estate purchases.

Joe and Jenifer Arseneault


2.  "Many grateful thanks for your tireless efforts, dedication, patience, thoughtfulness, kindness, good humor, and delightful company."                      

Gouri Radhakrishnan and Heinrich Muller

3.  "Jack and I had about 6 transactions from 1994 to 1998. I bought and sold foreclosed homes. Jack provided expertise in establishing value, refurbishing and selling. Since my job prevented me from spending much time on a project, he also managed the rehabilitation of the properties. He is personable, dependable, knowledgeable, capable, and completely honest. I consider Jack an outstanding person and recommend him to anyone seeking help with real estate."               

Mike Wheeler

4.  "This is a long-overdue THANK YOU for the extraordinary service you rendered in our purchase of the townhome for our daughter, Kathleen. Kathleen is delighted with her new home, and Bonnie and I greatly appreciate your valiant efforts in making the purchase possible."

"I certainly did not realize at the time just how hard you would have to work to bring the purchase to fruition. However, you took up the challenge and proved that you were capable of accomplishing the seemingly impossible."

"The combined complexities involved in a short sale, a 1031 exchange, inaccurate recording of the property we were trading, an unresponsive Realtor representing the seller,and a lack of expertise in handling a complex sale by the seller's escrow officer all presented major hurdles. Without your professional expertise and perseverance far beyond the the normal call of duty, we never would have been able to purchase the property."

"If we should need the services of a Realtor in your area again, you can be sure that we will contact you. And if you should need references, please feel free to have your prospective clients contact Bonnie or me."

Eldon J. Dvorak, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Economics

5.  "I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoyed working with Jack Newman during my recent home purchase.  As a first time buyer, I found the task of buying an affordable home in the Torrance area quite daunting.  However, thanks to Jack's expertise and diligence, I opened escrow one week after meeting with Jack.  Jack was very thorough in explaining the nuances of home buying and he helped me to negotiate a fair price for my home.  During the escrow process, he was extremely responsive to my many questions and concerns.  Jack made my first time home buying experience quite pleasant.  I would highly recommend Jack Newman to anyone interested in buying a home."

Nitin K. Cingireddy

Thanks so much!!

6.  It was a pleasure working with Jack Newman.  We had such a difficult situation as the property for sale was in Probate.  Jack was very knowledgeable with this process, guiding us through each hurdle.  We had a successful outcome and could not have done the sale without this kind and patient man. 
The Ewing Family